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It doesn’t matter if you pray every day or you have only had a vague interest in it and want to know more. This prayer challenge is going to help you grow in conversation with God! We’re not leaving anyone behind so get registered with your daughter, your little sister, or your youth group so we can share how important prayer is and how naturally it comes!

Join me for powerful worship with Kay Ashley and insightful conversations with Ty Scott King, Marlene Luna, Tara Altay, Julieian-Alexis Roberts, Vanya Caprietta, and Ashley Giovanucci over the course of 7 days. We’ll get started on Sunday, July 25 and you can watch the videos throughout the week for free. On Saturday, you can join us for a live session with the speakers for $5.00 because we’d love to go a little deeper with you and answer the questions that you may have had throughout the week. 

Tell a friend and get ready for a few conversations that are going to change the way you connect with God forever! 


My friend (and coauthor of Her Story, His Glory), Kelly, has written her first book and it is a phenomenal read! On August 5, I will have the honor of joining Kelly, Nicole, and Jennifer for a discussion on perfectionism. Kelly is the host of Pink Table Talk, and you can get connected to her at KellyAFoster.com.

On April 23 and 24, I will have the honor of joining some of the most incredible women throughout Canada and the United States for an unmistakable encounter with God. This year, we are coming for deliverance! Why? Because we have work to do in the Kingdom, and we were created for such a time as this! The theme is Loose Me and Let Me Preach, and this year, God has given me a sermon titled, “Loose Me from Your Opinions and Let Me Preach!” I get chills every time I say it. 



On March 19 and 20, I will have the privilege of talking about the power of prayer, forgiveness, and restoration for CampaignP31’s Laundry Day Virtual Women’s Conference. There are a few things we need to clear out and clean up, so I pray that you will consider joining me. I believe that God is going to meet us and equip each and every one of us to move forward in transparency and healing so that we can be vessels of restoration for those whom we are destined to meet and impact. 


Unconditional is taking place on March 16-18 online this year! Our theme is Captivated. Did you know that our Heavenly Father is Captivated by you? He loves you more than you would ever know, but sometimes our circumstances make us feel that He doesn’t care and is no where to be found. It’s the very reason, He’s led us to study the book of Ruth this year. I pray you will join us as we go more deeply in communication with the God who was captivated enough to go to the cross and then rise again for us.




On February 22, I have the incredible pleasure of speaking with Prophet Antone Dotson-Parson about what it means to walk in draw others into the love of the Father through our writing. Join me on Facebook Live for a powerful time as we talk to you about how God can use your writing to transform the world. Antone Dotson-Parson’s ministry Christ Society can be found here

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