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        Unconditional reminds all of us, whether we are daughters, mothers, mentees, or mentors, that everything flows out of relationship. Let’s come together to discover how deeply God knows us in every season of our lives as we develop conversations that lead us to set goals in Jesus. Join me as I invite girls and women throughout the US, the Dominican Republic, and Canada to host a series of pivotal conversations in our culture about what it means to follow Christ among young ladies today. This series of events is for girls, ages 11-18, and their moms and mentors, but we welcome girls who are both younger and older because this is going to be good for every age!

        Reserve your space to meet me and some of the most inspiring girls and women throughout North America because it is going to be epic! We are going to pursue our God-given goals in Christ Jesus at every age unlike ever before, and I cannot wait to enjoy the summer with you. Remember you are loved!

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