The Struggle with Joy

With Loved and Blessed CEO, Jamila Jackson

We have a picture that joy is spontaneous, erratic, and an emotion that moves us, but the truth is: we can choose joy. We can choose to rise above those struggles we go through regularly and we can choose joy on the hardest of days, but we understand that it’s not easy. 

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Jamila Jackson, the Chief Encouragement Officer of Loved and Blessed, is joining me and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this conversation.

Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength, and it will help us to tap into what Holy Spirit is doing in ways that we never expected. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Nehemiah knows what it’s like to experience attack after attack as the enemy attempted to steal his joy. It’s why that scripture is so much more powerful. After battling with both depression and anxiety, Jamila and I know a little about how important it is to cultivate joy.

Jamila gave us a few tips to cultivate joy intentionally, and I hope you incorporate a few of them into your daily routines.

She encouraged us to 

 πŸ’« Get outside of our own pain and encourage someone else in the midst of it.

 πŸ’« Redirect our attention when something hard happens.

 πŸ’« Mark specific scriptures in our Bibles, wear them (in the form of jewelry and clothing), and put them around our houses to find encouragement in the Word.

 πŸ’« List all of the moments we can think of when God has shown His faithfulness to us.

 πŸ’« Print out any testimonials or messages and put them in a jar to return to later when we need a kind word. 

πŸ’« Pick random dates on our calendars to set reminders to encourage ourselves when we least expected it.

πŸ’« Recognize the situations and triggers that take away from our joy

πŸ’« Develop a support system together to draw strength from in those situations.

πŸ’« Make yourself get up and out.

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After an incredibly tense and hard season, the Lord moved Jamila to found Loved and Blessed. Today, she literally encourages others for a living.

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