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Featuring Tonya Green

Have you ever thought about what impatience really does to our hearts? I know, neither have I-until recently.

Impatience influences us to begin to manipulate our own outcome. After all, it’s why manifestation and the law of attraction are so popular today. A lot of the things we turn to in this age are rooted in a desire to be like God, to show Him that we really do know the best time to release that next blessing, to show Him that we really can handle it well before He thinks we’re ready, to show Him that we know best.

Yikes. If this word is convicting your heart, I’ll move over on this proverbial couch so you can sit here, too, because this is burning a hole in my heart.

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I wanted to say that the earliest and most tragic example of impatience was when the Israelites made the golden calf because of their inability to wait for Moses to return with God’s word. Then I thought about how the Abram chose to go in to Hagar to conceive Ishmael. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop there as I thought about how Cain killed Abel out of jealousy born in his impatience. And then it hit me, impatience was found in the Garden of Eden as well because Eve couldn’t wait to try that fruit. Eve couldn’t wait to discuss it with her husband. Eve couldn’t wait to ask God about it, just to clarify, because she ultimately wanted to be like God.

And we can’t blame her.

Because just like one of my favorite preachers says, “She knew better, but she didn’t do better, and we’ve been there, too.”

Sis, if we can be honest, let’s have a real conversation about what we’ve made gods out of today. What is it that we turned to in an effort to manipulate our destiny? All with the intention of positioning ourselves so we don’t have to wait as long on God’s timing.

To be fair, some of us have grown impatient because we want to steward God’s gifts well and we feel, that somewhere along the way, we missed Him. ‘After all,’ we think, ‘it wouldn’t be this hard, it wouldn’t take this long, and it wouldn’t require this much if it was in God’s will.’

But’s that’s a boldfaced lie.

God’s Word tells us His sheep know His voice and we follow Him in John 10:27, and today, I want you to rest in the intimacy we get to enjoy with God. He’ll show us where we need to exercise patience and then He’ll help us. You know His voice, sis. You know when he says wait. You know when he says stop. And You know when you feel Him saying, “Go!” Let’s partner our obedience with our patience and get it together!

In this episode, I talk with Tonya Green about patience and I’m so grateful that she is here with us today. 

Patience allows room for understanding. It allows room and capacity for grace. There’s a lot that we miss about patience in anger or when we’re rushing.

-Tonya green

Tonya is a Christian communicator from Toronto, Canada. Her experiences as a believer, woman, wife, and mother of three have given her a wealth of knowledge and wisdom which she loves to share with others. She uses her Instagram platform (@tonya.impactfully) to share messages of hope on the topics of faith, womanhood, marriage and motherhood.

Tonya recently launched Convos With My Sister: a mentorship network designed for Christian women to connect, share and grow as they walk with God. The network provides a safe space for Christian women to come together, share experiences, and receive biblical encouragement as they walk through difficult seasons.

You can connect with Convos With My Sister here. The next season of Convos With My Sister will begin in February, 2022. If you follow the CWMS IG page, you’ll be notified when the waitlist opens up for registration for the next season.

In this episode, Tonya helped to answer:

  • What are some of the benefits you’ve learned from the fruit of patience that God has developed in you?
  • How has patience worked for you as you launch your business?
  • What recommendations would you offer someone who wants to develop patience but has struggled significantly with this area?
  • Who do you admire from the Bible that exhibited a great amount of patience?

How would you respond? Drop your insight in the comments and leave your IG handle so we can connect further.




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