Improving the Silence

Improving the Silence

An Interview with April Dawn White and Marilyn Nutter, Coauthors of Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart

This is our last formal conversation on the Fruit of the Spirit, but, it will naturally continue well into every other conversation we ever have because it’s so powerful. I am honored you’re here, and I hope and pray you lean into this conversation. Just about every one of us have admitted that we struggle with gentleness, and, that is why this could possibly be one of the most important conversations we have this season.

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A Gentle Answer

I was so curious and, admittedly, perplexed that I decided to do some research on our subject today. I found Scott Sauls’ book A Gentle Answer when I researched the subject, and I am so thankful I did. This book was a blessing! In it, Sauls makes the point that gentleness costs.

Gentleness costs us:

  • our pride
  • our reputation
  • our ability to be right
  • and so much more!

Myyyyyyy goodness! When was the last time you thought of that? When was the last time you paid the price to be gentle? I can’t share my testimony quite yet because it’s still so fresh and it involves other people. However, when I tell you, God has done a work in my life through this conversation, I need you to believe me!

Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart

As you can tell from the recording of my last conversation with Vanessa Hartsell on the podcast, I was struggling to identify what we’d discuss about gentleness. Thankfully, God knew. April, Marilyn and I had a conversation in early November after they’d reached out and I knew this would bless us.

In order to invite God to heal us, we have to be willing to ask for help. Gentleness is not easy, and it’s much more difficult when we’re grieving.

Through their book, Coauthors, April and Marilyn, invite us into a part of their testimony to teach us how to choose gentleness through pain and grief. This conversation couldn’t be more timely with the arrival of Christmas and New Years, just days away.

I asked them:

  • What does gentleness mean to you and does it come easily to you, or not? 
  • How have you been challenged to show God’s gentleness in your lives? 
  • How has the Lord’s gentleness transformed you?
  • How would you encourage others to share gentleness with those who are hurting this holiday season?
  • What encouragement can you give to those who are hurting and are becoming hardened by the pain their lives?

The Healing Power in Our Tears

Together, they helped me understand how to show up for others in their seasons of grief. Some of their recommendations included choosing not to compare the before and after, remembering God is good in the grief, getting connected to community, and inviting others to talk about their loved ones or their pain.

But there was one that blew me away.

In a conversation on how to show up and sit with difficult conversations, despite our inability to empathize with our loved ones, she shared a Spanish proverb.

Some of My Favorite Quotes During Our Time Together

Gentleness is for you!

You want to talk about gentleness, let’s talk about self control!

April Dawn White

God is not good conditionally. He’s good all the time. He was good when the doctor came out and told me my husband didn’t make it, and He was good to her when the doctor to her he did.

Marilyn nutter

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This Week’s Recommendations

Reflect on 1 Peter 4:8 and think about those areas you struggle to understand others. Begin to journal about the things that you hold most dearly, which cause you to speak up quickly when they’re pricked. Consider what God might be asking you to lay down in those times (your need to be right, your need to defend yourself or others)?

I’m giving two copies of Destination Hope away, and all you have to do is take a screenshot of the podcast and share it on Instagram or Facebook once you tag me. I cannot wait to get this book into your hands!

I’d love to include your thoughts on this season during Season 3 of the podcast, which I am now preparing. Send me a voice memo or a quick message in the direct messages on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout. It doesn’t matter if a guest spoke to you or you have a subject to speak on, I’d love to include you in the conversation!

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