Dying for Peace

With Special Guests from Haiti

Our world is dying for peace. It is literally dying for peace, and I don’t say that lightly. Nor do I make light of it. As a teenager I struggled with suicidal ideation, and in my own pursuit of peace. I thought of taking my life and even made an attempt to do so. I do not take it lightly that our world is dying for peace, but it is something that we have to address because we’ve begun to get piece confused with ease. 

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Today, we are continuing our conversation on the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23, and it is transforming us in every way. As you can tell from our title, we’re discussing peace today. 

I am so ridiculously grateful thank you for every person who has taken time to leave a note and let me know that this series has been helpful to you. I know it’s been helpful to me. 

We have come to learn that the fruit of the Spirit is actually one piece. Just as you might take an orange, open it, and find that it has multiple parts, the fruit of the Spirit is also made of multiple parts. We need each and every one of the parts because they all compliment one another and without one of them, we appear disfigured and misshapen. 

Where would love be without self control, where would gentleness be without love? How could we show gentleness without kindness. 

We’ve confused peace with financial stability. We’ve confused peace with comfort. We’ve confused peace with popularity, and God actually calls us to come up higher. Although some of those things do have a play and do have a part in peace. There may be times when they are nonexistent, and God still gives us the opportunity to acquire the fruit of peace and walk in it on a daily basis. 

You see, our piece is not contingent upon our circumstances. It’s contingent upon our Savior.  Today, our guests, Julie and Franceli are incredible examples of how God has positioned us to be peacemakers in the earth, despite our circumstances. They are leading an orphanage and a school in Haiti and they are moving forward in faith to set incredible examples in their country despite the fact that they are losing funding and struggling with an overwhelming need in the area, in light of all that has gone on. 

Haiti’s Compass serves 59 children in their orphanage and even more children in their school. It is their hope that they can raise up a generation to serve Christ that’s not plagued by corruption.

You can find out more about Haiti’s Compass by clicking one of the following links:  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haitiscompass/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haitiscompass

The website where you can make donations is: https://www.haitiscompass.org/ and I truly hope that you will bless them for their incredible sacrifice!

As always, I’m at https://www.instagram.com/candidliv/ and you can find more content on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCph7Ez_21bFNM622lZ4fYNA

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