The Secret Place (for Beginners)

The Secret Place (for Beginners)

So many girls have started to ask me, “What’s next? Now that I’ve invited Jesus into my heart, what do I do next?” The next thing you do is learn how to spend time with Him so that you can grow spiritually.

 Psalm 91 tells us that those of us who take shelter or who get into the secret place (King James version) can discover rest and safety there. Now that boredom, loneliness, and anxiety are all around during this quarantine, it’s more important than ever to spend some time in God’s presence so that we can renew our minds-every day. Honestly, this is just good practice because we experience loneliness and anxiety in every season, not just quarantine. You’ll be surprised by how enjoyable it is!

Below, I’ve listed a few steps you can take to help you get into your own secret place with the Lord. Watch the video below and comment to tell me if there’s anything else you do or if these practices have helped to quiet your mind and enjoy your time with Jesus!

  1. Grab your favorite snack. This time should feel like you’re having coffee or dessert with your best friend.
  2. Free your space of all distractions, like your phone! Put it on silent and move it out of the room if you need to.
    Clear your mind of anything that makes you feel worried or anxious, like you’re missing out on something. The Girl and the Word videos help me to feel calm and clear my mind every time I watch them. Find them at her channel. 
  3. Journal the thoughts that come to mind first so that they don’t distract you during your study.
  4. Read a scripture from your Bible or download the YouVersion Bible App (it’s free) to discover a devotional there.
  5. Reflect on the scripture you read by coloring or jotting down your thoughts about how it applies to you.
  6. End your time in Prayer. If you’d like to extend your time, read a book that supports your spiritual growth too. I always have one or two around that pair with my study.

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