The Exaggerated No!

The Exaggerated No!

Last week was rough! I pray about everything I do…or at least the big stuff, because I’m in such new and self employed unchartered territory, but it didn’t ease the blow I felt last week.

I chose to go into business for myself because I felt God calling me to do so, but lately I’ve been doubting if I really heard that or if I just made it up because I thought it was glamorous. In our society today, owning your own business and being your own boss is sexy! That is nothing but a lie from the enemy because within a week of opening my own business, I’d learned that it was everything but that! Last week, the thought that I’d been blinded by unrealistic expectations and thoughts began to sneak into my head, and I found myself questioning everything I did, and I mean EVERYTHING! Fortunately, the word (in the Bible) tells us that believers know Jesus’ voice (John 10:27), and that one scripture led me to the conclusion that my doubt was simply an excuse to throw myself a pity party. Sure, I worked…through tears…after laying in my prayer closet for hours…with tension oozing from me, making everything harder than it had to be! I just think I could have been a little more productive, or at least a bit more joyful, had I chosen to thank God for the No’s.

I really should have known better than to host that pity party because, by now I know it’s a blessing when God says, “No.” He’s chosen to use some of those hard lessons as the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. Unless, of course, you choose to praise through!

I’ve had to accept some hard lessons in the past that were brought on by the one little word, “No.” I’d wished I was popular in high school, but now I’m glad I wasn’t. Popularity would have done nothing for me. In fact, I might not have moved to Las Vegas or found work helping girls combat negative issues had I never faced any. I might not ever have met my husband or gotten married to him had relationships come easy. I spent most of my adulthood living in celibacy because I believe it honored God, but it was still hard to be rejected so often by others who couldn’t understand my lifestyle. That one little word, “No,” had a huge impact on my dating life and there were times when it seemed like it was the only word I would hear.

When we hear the word, “No,” we disproportionately compare it to the phrase, “NOT EVER!”

Just because you hear, “NO!” does not mean that it won’t ever come true or you won’t ever achieve that goal. It just means you have a little bit more to learn, a jump in your faith to explore, a few more experiences to glean, and another dose of discipline to receive. Let’s stop making this more complicated than it really is. Let’s stop overanalyzing what we should have done differently or how we could have been more sensitive. Let’s choose to accept the NO, and praise through the pain! We were created to represent God’s splendor, adn you can be assured that He will give us beauty for ashes and joy for mourning (Isaiah 61:3). Say this with me, “Thank You God for the NO’s! Thank You for protecting me from all of those things my limited mind couldn’t understand! Thank you for filling me with greater faith and the expectation you’ve placed in my heart to remembe that better is ahead! In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen!

Now y’all know I’m candid, and I’m the first to admit it’s easier to say that you’re going to praise through the tough times than it is to practice. Keep these steps in mind:

Get up!

Turn on your happy music. I prefer worship music, but you know what you like! Just remember not to play music that reflects what you’re feeling. It’s counteractive!


Write down all of the blessings God has said yes to or all of the things you’ve accomplished!

Praise God and develop gratitute for the blessings that are on the way!

How did this speak to you? Had any similar feelings lately? Don’t leave me hangin’ out here all by myself! Let’s chat. Love you!

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