Put it in Perspective

Put it in Perspective

Does anyone have more work ahead than they feel focused, capable, or smart enough to achieve lately? You are not alone! 🙋🏾‍♀️ I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget just how much pressing those prayers require to perfect my faith and help me handle those blessings I prayed for responsibly. It can get rough out here!

Whether you’re feeling sluggish because of the change in the weather or the intensity of your workload, I have one tip that always helps me.

💫 Pull out those old notes, open up those old emails, and find those old text messages. You know, the ones that help you remember just how impactful you and the work you’re doing are.

💫 Reread those old thank you notes and remember that you have made a difference. Your contribution matters and this world would be a lot less full without the beauty and meaning you’ve added to it.

Don’t have any old notes? Can’t find any messages? Start making it a practice to screenshot those compliments, those birthday posts, and those words of celebration so you can whip ’em out when you need to. For now, though, start here:

You have handled 2020. You prayed that God would use you, and He did! I know it wasn’t comfortable and I know it wasn’t easy, but your impact has been undeniable, and you have no clue how many of us admire your strength, your faithfulness, or your smile. We may not know how much it costs to be you as you bring your consistency, your joy, or your love to every space you occupy, but we do know that it adds incredible value and meaning to our lives. Thank you for your impact. You are loved!

Share this with someone who needs to read this and then go get to work! Remember, got this! 💪🏽

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