Fragility-the quality of being delicate or vulnerable.

When you hear the word fragility, or fragile, what do you think about? Fine china? Babies? Have you ever thought about time?

For some reason, I have always rushed time. When I was little I couldn’t wait to be a teenager. When I became a teenager, I couldn’t wait to get my license. Then I couldn’t wait to move out and go to college. It only intensified the older I got, and I was rarely satisfied with…anything. Looking back, I can see how much time I lost looking ahead instead of appreciating the moment, and I don’t want the same for you.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a few lessons from time over the years. I hope they help you.

  1. Time is precious, and time is fragile. Once you lose it, you won’t get it back, but if you choose to learn from it, you will realize that it is a gift. I get that you may feel the temptation to look at all of the things you wish you had or, even, the things you used to have during this holiday season in 2020. I feel it, too, but we have two options. We can either long for those things, those people, and those opportunities that are missing or we can rise to the challenge of finding the best in this moment. It’s out there. How will you spend it?
  2. You don’t have to be afraid of time, wish it would speed up, or get into competition with it. All you have to do is lean in to it. It’s true that some opportunities may have passed and some relationships may be lost, but that doesn’t mean that more won’t come. Don’t you dare believe the lie that the best is behind you! The word tells us that our best days are to come. Lean into this moment. Journal about that loss. Reflect on what you have within your reach in this moment and become someone the future you will thank by showing gratitude in. this. moment.
  3. Time will show you that Jesus is with you, has always been with you, and will always be with you, if only you choose to ask the right questions and take the best moments to reflect. Last summer, I went to a conference that taught us how to ask hard questions in prayer. One of those questions was, “Jesus, where were you?” Some of us received an answer within moments. Others didn’t feel the answer rise to our hears until we’d left that place of prayer and attempted to find sleep that night. Regardless of how long it took to feel God’s peace in that past memory, He always showed up. He may not have sheltered you from every hurt or betrayal, but I guarantee you His eyes were always upon you and His heart was broken for the things that broke yours. He is with you, and it’s my prayer that you will begin to find him all over again as He leads you into your future.

It’s time to recognize that we have been blessed with, both, the challenges and the celebrations for such a time as this. Enjoy it…or at least rise to it. It will bless you.


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