Finding Quiet

Finding Quiet

A few days ago, I turned a favorite YouTuber on because the title of her video about how to find God in the quiet was the thing that I desperately needed. I had been feeling sad for days, and the fact that it's almost December is bearing down on me.

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Another Year

It was just proof that another year is passing: another year without a baby, another year without the hope of a baby. The lies the enemy was speaking, or shouting, were attempting to steal all of my peace, joy, and sanity.

So I turned the video on, thankful for a little help, or so I thought. The host and her guest, both of whom I respect immensely, began to talk about how many new followers they would gain if they were to "decide to" get pregnant again. My hope of finding quiet was immediately dashed as they kee-keed so insensitively and unaware of what I was dealing with and why I'd turned there.

I drifted in an out of sleep sadder than I'd started the evening off. 

Maybe you've been there: hoping to find hope in one more thing that hurt you. Maybe you're struggling to see the opportunity for gratitude in this season. Maybe you're grasping on to your hope as if it's the last thing you have left.

It's Time To Let It Go


It's time to let go, sis, and I know that's not exactly what you thought you were going to hear. I know you're wondering, "Wait what? Let it go? Liv, I thought you were going to help me. I thought you were going to offer some hope."

But I am. Because that's exactly what Hannah did. She let it go. In prayer.

The truth is that we can enjoy the fact that not only does God understand us and make Himself known to us in our most painful moments, but so do other people in the Bible. Hannah is one of those people. Hannah is one of my people.

Can you imagine feeling picked on in the ONE place you go for peace?

That's how I felt when I realized that the video I hoped for would offer so much help had only hurt me more, and I'm sure that's how Hannah felt every year she went to church. We'll talk more about that later. But the truth is, Hannah and I are not the same, as much as I want to insert myself into this story.

We can go to the Word of God, any number of apps to remind us of God's word, countless videos, and of course, church, as well. And the best part of it all? We can turn the video off with a simple click of a button as soon as we need to.

Not Hannah.

Unfortunately, her sister wife (yes, those were a thing in the Old Testament but Jesus did away with them), Peninah, did not come with the ability to block her or even a mute button. And what's even crazier is that Peninah tormented Hannah in the one place she should have experienced peace. Talk about spiritual warfare.

Over the next few days, we're going to take a few notes from our big sister, Hannah. We're going to learn how to:

  • engage appropriately,
  • trust God more fully,
  • and find the blessing of a quiet soul.

She has encouraged me immensely, and I hope you will be as inspired by her life as I have. Welcome to First Samuel. It's going to change our lives. Whether you were hoping to get married, have children, or build a business you're proud of, Hannah has something to teach all of us.

I recently shared a little more of the disappointment I'm walking through in a vlog titled Soul Care for the Holidays, but I didn't stop there. I prayed for us, and I'd love for you to pray alongside me. Let me know what you think and if you've got any disappointments or celebrations you're walking through. It will encourage our community more than you know.

How do you find quiet?

I had to press in to find the quiet in new ways in the days that followed, and hopefully some of my strategies will bless you. I find quiet by:

  • putting my phone on the charger and walking away from it;
  • taking a walk in nature, or more simply, a neighboring park;
  • sitting in a sauna;
  • visiting the Abide app which has Christian mindful meditations to help me quiet my soul;
  • reading the Psalms;
  • or all of it.

The Psalms are my favorite because they're included in the only book of the Bible that speaks for us, instead of just to us. What do you do to quiet down in the presence of God? Comment below and help the community!

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