The Next Right Thing

The Next Right Thing

The Book I Didn't Plan To Write


Mornings are my favorite time of the day. When I don't wake up early enough, I feel like I've missed out on a treat, a surprise, a gift. And I am bummed.

About two years ago, I started journeying through 1 Samuel. It wasn't really planned that I can remember. I'd just finished my study of Ruth, and I was simply moving on to the next book of the Bible. That was all-or, so I thought.

I spent almost every morning pouring over the verses in 1 Samuel and then 2 Samuel, and the only reason I took a break was to focus on a sermon I might have been prepping for. I was captivated. I could not not think about everything that I was learning, and I wanted everyone else to know how fascinating it was as well.

There were days I struggled...I mean really struggled.

There were days I called out to God and asked why He would allow that to happen. There were other days I stared openmouthed at the page in disbelief at how some of the people I've grown up admiring acted in the Bible. More often than not, however, I wondered why people didn't talk about the minor characters like Ziba or the Wise Woman from Tekoa. I could not understand why we don't ever address the areas David sometimes had failed-well before He ever met Bathsheba.

Even as I moved on to 1 and 2 Kings, I still felt something pulling me back to the books of Samuel. Moving through 1 and 2 Kings was interesting, but it seemed to pale in comparison to the transition Israel had gone through when they moved from the theocracy (God-ruled country) to the monarchy.

One morning, as I sat with my Bible open, turning the pages over slowly in my fingers, I felt Holy Spirit speak to my heart.

"Now, write your next book."

What book, Sir? was the question that sprang to my mind.

Obviously, the answer was a book on First and Second Samuel. I had two notebooks filled with notes, sermons, and devotionals from the time I'd spent pouring over those words throughout the past two years, and the book was basically written already. Except it wasn't. I'd written incoherent prayers that would seem meaningless to anyone else were they to read them. I'd left incomplete thoughts, and I had more questions left to answer than I felt days I have left on this earth.

Still, idea after idea came to my mind. First and Second Samuel are absolutely necessary and essential for

  • anyone and everyone who wants to navigate transition well.
  • those who ask God to improve our character and refine our leadership.
  • those of us who plan to serve our families as well as we serve others, without getting burnt out or overlooking issues we view as minor incidents that Holy Spirit keeps bringing back to our attention.

Long story short, these books a requirement for those of us who prepare to step into even greater levels of leadership as time goes on and the Voice of God speaks loudly through the lives portrayed here.

I'm excited to share what I've learned, and I hope you're getting excited to because one thing is certain: God is calling you to greater.

Over the next year, I'm going to write about what inspires me from these books and I'm going to share my writing process with you. Thank you for holding my hand. I hope you know I'm here to hold yours, too. If you'd like to subscribe to the newletter, I'd love to keep this conversation going. Just click here so we can become e-fam, for real!

Who are your favorite people from the Bible? Are any of them in 1 and 2 Samuel? I'd love to know!

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